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Welcome to The Company of Esgaroth

The Company of Esgaroth is a cultural role-playing group within the kinship The Fellowship of Middle Earth.  Its members consist of Men from Dale; Dwarves of the Grey Mountains, Lonely Mountain, and Iron Hills; and Elves of Mirkwood and Lothlorien.  Participants share a particular interest in the cultures of the above heritages and lean heavily towards crafting, mining, gathering, and trade.

The Story of the Company defines the Esgaroth role-playing experience within The Fellowship of Middle Earth (FoME).  FoME is built upon a collection of non-canonical stories that were created as a structural role-playing guideline for the kinship.  This story outlines several social groups, one of which is Esgaroth, that come into fellowship through the course of their existence - now being a complete fellowship of multiple cultures, heritages, and races during the current year, TA 3018.

Crafting, Mining, Gathering, and Trade are top priorities for those in Esgaroth.  In addition to the emphasis of crafting, there are specific profession guidelines that are lore-based.  The Race of Men may only be Yeomen, Explorers, and Historians; Dwarves, only Tinkers, Metalsmiths, Historians; and Elves, only Woodsmen, Yeomen, and Historians.  The out-of-character philosophy behind these lore-based guidelines is that a kinship should celebrate its diversity and observe the importance of social balance for cultural success.

Membership to this role-playing group is available to those in FoME kinship who have the appropriate race, heritage, and vocation designated, along with a good understanding of Esgaroth's story.  Above all, remember that this cultural group is crafting- and mining-focused; interested parties should be ready and willing to contribute to the economic development of FoME through their vocational skills.

Kinship Philosophy and Player Code of Conduct are defined on FoME's homepage:

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